Discover and become what you are!

Personal Ideal Four dates, four different meetings to discover one’s own Personal Ideal (Discover and become what you are) following the…

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Could Mary Immaculate be an example for the people of the present day?

Mary Immaculate Part 2 Father Günther Boll continues: Mary Immaculate: nature and grace, a harmonious unity What characterizes those who…

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The Blessed Mother will take care of it! Let us be miracles of trust.

We celebrate the birthday of Father Joseph Kentenich, our Father and Founder. What does his life and his birth mean to us, and what does it…

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Padre José Kentenich

Father Kentenich, testimony of the boldness of TRUST!

September 15, 1968 September 15, 1968. After a long life dedicated to the Work and the mission God had entrusted to him, Father Joseph…

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