gift to the world

Your shrine – a gift to the world!

This was the backdrop for the news we received on May 22, 2013, which surprised us all. Just as was the case with the news of the…

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Interview with Father Heinrich Walter and Sister M. Cacilda: “The first stone of a great project”

Sister M. Cacilda Becker and Father Henrich Walter were interviewed by Sister M. Nilza to gather their experiences and ideas about the…

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New responsibles of the International Schoenstatt Coordination

The Schoenstatt Movement has announced two important news in its statement, informing about the extension of the General Statute of the…

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novo reitor do santuário

Fr. Ignacio Camacho, new rector of the Original Shrine

The Schoenstatt Family and the pilgrims welcome a new rector of the Original Shrine. Father Ignacio Camacho, a Chilean from the Secular…

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original shrine

Fr. Pablo Pol concludes his duties as Rector of the Original Shrine

As of today, March 5, 2023, the current rector of the Original Schoenstatt Shrine will leave his position after four years of mission.…

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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of America

The Blessed Virgin Mary, in her apparition as the Virgin of Guadalupe, appeared not only to the Mexicans in 1531, but also to all of…

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Red Wednesday

Red Wednesday – Prayer for threatened, persecuted and discriminated Christians

Religious freedom is severely violated in 62 out of 196 countries, home to more than 5 billion people. Worldwide, more than 340 million…

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Fr. Kentenich

What is happening with Fr. Kentenich 54 years after his departure

Crosses in Fr. Kentenich's life In his homily, Fr. Aguirre began by alluding to the previous day's celebration, in which the Exaltation of…

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October 18th: Mary’s first promise to the Schoenstatt Family

Renewal of the covenant of love (5pm - Germany time) Seeing that door open makes the heart beat faster and fills it with joy. The…

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celebración alianza de amor

Celebrating the day of the Covenant of Love internationally? Yes, and we can prepare for it all together….

108 years since the first Covenant of Love with Mary! On October 18th will be the 108th anniversary of the first Covenant of Love with Mary…

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