Unforgettable experience for hundreds of youth at Schoenstatt

Sister M. Felisia Leibrecht, national advisor of the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth in Germany, explains how the international encounter came…

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Drawing Contest: 80th Anniversary of the Daughter Shrines

The First Schoenstatt Daughter Shrine in New Helvetia, Uruguay, is turning 80 years old in 2023. It was built as a replica of the Original…

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Schoenstatt Youth is involved in the catechesis at WYD

One thing that has become a tradition at World Youth Day consists of the catechesis sessions. These are moments of encounter, reflection,…

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500 jóvenes vivirán el sueño de visitar Schoenstatt antes de la JMJ

500 youth shall live the dream of visiting Schoenstatt before WYD

Fulfilling a dream. That is what it is all about for many youths who will come to Schoenstatt, to the historic places, to the Original…

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JMJ: La Juventud de Schoenstatt peregrina a Fátima

WYD: Schoenstatt Youth on pilgrimage to Fatima

Some 1,400 Schoenstatt youth from 20 countries will participate in World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal. Before WYD commences, some…

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This is… The Schoenstatt Youth!

Twenty-five volunteers between 17 and 30 years old, from several countries in South America and Europe, have put their studies on hold, or…

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Simbolo da JMJ de Lisboa no altar do Santuário Original de Schoenstatt

Participate in WYD 2023

Participate in WYD 2023! World Youth Day will begin on August 1 in Lisbon, Portugal, where approximately 1,400 Schoenstatt youth from 20…

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Logomarca do Festival MTA

On the Road to WYD: One Way to Make a Contribution

Much expectation, anxiety and many projects have been part of the day-to-day routine of the Schoenstatt Family of Portugal during these…

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international gathering Berlin

Festive international gathering at the Schoenstatt Center in Berlin

People from all over the world continually come to our Shrine Victoria Patris in Berlin. We wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for…

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shrine in santa maria

Tabor: The first Schoenstatt Shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil, turns 75 years old

As part of the program, a vigil prepared by the different branches of the Schoenstatt Family was held on the night of April 22nd. Many…

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